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The official website of TYZ hereby disclaims any legal responsibility for the following matters:

(1) There is no direct, indirect, statutory or agreed guarantee for any use of the website, any content, services of the website or website and content linked to TYZ website.

(2) For any reason, TYZ website does not assume any legal responsibility for the loss or damage, caused by you or any person using the information on this website or the information linked by this website or other website information linked to this website; these loss or damage including direct, indirect, special or consequential ones, such as loss of income or profit, damage to computer system or loss of data, etc.; instead, the responsibility shall be taken by the users. However, TYZ official has a duty of deletion for these information that the TYZ official website has received reports and the reporter has conclusive evidence to prove that these information are verified illegal and against public interest.

(3) Once the user uses this website, it indicates that he/she agrees to bear all the risks of browsing this website. TYZ shall take no liability for any direct, consequential, indirect or monetary damage caused by the user's personal reasons.

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