• Ballistic Helmet

    TYZ Ballistic Helmet is a new generation of light-weight, high-performance protective helmet, having great comfort and large protection area, solving the deficiency of traditional steel helmet for insufficient protection and other issues.

  • Ballistic Plate

    BJTYZ has been independently developing ballistic plates for inserted in the jackets. By materials, there are 100% Pure PE Plate, Alumina Ceramic Plate, Silicon Carbide Ceramic Plate and Boron Carbide Ceramic Plate. By curvature, there are single-curved plate, double-curved plates and multi-curved plates.

  • Vehicle Armor

    TYZ Vehicle Armor is made of self-developed TYZ UHMWPE PEUD, or composite with ceramics and Aluminum alloy.

  • Ballistic Shield

    TYZ Ballistic Shield is made with special process with PEUD, Aramid, or composite ceramics.

  • Explosion-proof Blanket

    TYZ Explosive-proof Blanket is a blanket-shaped explosion-proof equipment special processed with PE fiber or aramid fiber especially made for ballistic applications.

  • Body Armor

    TYZ Body Armor is divided into concealable bulletproof vest, bulletproof vest, full-protective bulletproof vest, etc. The protective level can be updated by inserting front and rear bulletproof plate/ Hard Armor Panel(HAP).

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