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  • HMPE Fiber for Rope/Net

    The rope/net made of TYZ UHMWPE fiber has the properties of high strength and modulus with low density, abrasion resistance, anti-aging and UV-resistance, and resistance to sea water and corrosion etc.

  • Product Description

    Compared with other PE fiber, TYZ ?UHMWPE fiber for Rope/Net will endow the finished products with a higher availability of tenacity, higher abrasion resistance for both wet and dry aspects.

    Compared with other synthetic fibers, including nylon, polyester, and aramid fiber, TYZ UHMWPE fiber has the highest strength-weight ratio. Its strength ?is 10 times that of the same weight of steel. When the rope made of TYZ UHMWPE fiber falls into the water, it will float on the water and easy to be found because its density is smaller than water; ?as a result, the rope can be picked up before sinking or intertwining together.

    Besides original white UHMWPE fiber, TYZ can also offer pre-dyed ones with various colors, including but not limited to Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow ?and etc. And BJTYZ could also customize colored UHMWPE fiber based on the requirements and applications of customers.

  • Performance

  • Applications

    TYZ UHMWPE fiber can ?also be used for braiding into ropes of various types and diameters, or combine with other ?synthetic fiber materials ?into different kinds of cordage for different applications according to the requirements of customers.
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