• Cut-Resistant Fabric

    TYZ UHMWPE fiber Cut-Resistant Fabric is the first choice for safety products such as VIP cut-resistant clothing, coats, and bags, due to its excellent cut-resistant properties.

  • Product Description

    The linear density is from 33dtex to 2640dtex, and the monofilament fineness is from 0.95 Denier to 2.2 Denier. The thinnest 0.95 Denier per monofilament is hard to achieved by domestic competitors.

    The main material of the fabric is UHMWPE fiber independently developed and produced by BJTYZ. The products have passed ISO 9001-2008 quality management system certification, GJB9001b-2009 quality management system certification for weapons and equipment, and GBT28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification. At the same time, this fabric has passed certification of GB18401-2010 national textile basic safety technical specification.

  • Performance

  • Applications

    The main raw material of TYZ Cut-resistant Fabric is the patented UHMWPE fiber developed and produced by TYZ company, which has a variety of specifications and colors.

    TYZ has succeeded in developing dope-dyed colored UHMWPE fiber with stable color fastness. Nowadays, colored fibers has been realized mass production with a wide variety of colors, which could be woven into functional cut-resistant fabrics of different colors.

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