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  • Hard Ballistic

    TYZ UHMWPE Hard Ballistic UD Sheet is the best choice for light-weight GA141 level 5 and level 6, NIJ III and IV ballistic plates, shields, and vehicle armors.

  • Product Description

    With TYZ UHMWPE fiber as raw material, TYZ UHMWPE Hard Ballistic UD is combined with special aqueous dispersion adhesive, ?and 2 layers of Uni-Directional fiber flakes are 0°/90° orthogonally arranged by a specific process and a resin matrix composite. The finished product presents as a white fiber sheet.
  • Performance

  • Applications

    It’s mainly used in bulletproof inserted plate, bulletproof armored vehicle, bulletproof shield, bulletproof walls and other hard bulletproof areas; light weight will also work with excellent protection for multi-shot shooting, and oblique shooting.

    It shows excellent anti-fragment performance, greatly reducing the depression. Due to the ?very low dielectric constant of UHMWPE fiber, the equipment will have stealth effect once using ?Hard PE armor to cover the important parts of the warship, tank, battery and etc.

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