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  • Soft Ballistic

    TYZ Soft Ballistic UD Sheet of UHMWPE fiber and aramid fiber is the first choice for light-weight soft body armor.

  • Product Description

    PE UD:With TYZ UHMWPE fiber as raw material, TYZ PE UD is combined with specially formulated base material, ?and 2-12 layers of Uni-Directional fiber flakes are 90°orthogonally arranged by a specific process and a resin matrix composite. The finished product presents as a white fiber sheet.

    Aramid UD: Aramid fiber has a high tensile strength with high modulus of elasticity, the tensile strength of which is up to 8 times that of steel on a same weight basis. Owing to its unique properties above, it’s one of the best materials for ballistic application in the world now. TYZ ?FT532 Aramid UD sheet is based on our special ?UD technology aligning the parallel fibers in each layer, and each layer is constructed in a resin matrix.

  • Performance

    PE UD:
    Aramid UD:

  • Applications

    PE UD: It’s mainly used in soft bulletproof field, with advantages of lightness, softness, and excellent wearing comfort; light weight will also work with good protection against shooting threats in various environments.

    Based on the outstanding bulletproof effect of PE fiber, the ballistic vest made of PE UD can greatly reduce the deformation in back face and avoid blunt injuries caused by excessive depression.

    Aramid UD: TYZ FT532 Aramid UD is a unidirectional ?laminated fabric with two plies crossed at 0°/90°, used for Soft Body Armor.

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