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  • Ballistic Plate

    BJTYZ has been independently developing ballistic plates for inserted in the jackets. By materials, there are 100% Pure PE Plate, Alumina Ceramic Plate, Silicon Carbide Ceramic Plate and Boron Carbide Ceramic Plate. By curvature, there are single-curved plate, double-curved plates and multi-curved plates.

  • Product Description

    TYZ Ballistic Plate is made of self-developed TYZ PEUD and ceramics, and has been widely used for the personal ballistic protection and armor ballistic protection of domestic and foreign military, police and law enforcement.

    TYZ PE Ballistic Plate has passed the tests in accordance with standards, such as GA141-2010, NIJ 0101.06, etc. We can also customize plates of various protection levels as per customer requirements.

  • Performance

    PE Insert Plate
    ?Composite Plate
    Double Curve Plate
  • Applications

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