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    UHMWPE fiber is high performance fiber of highest specific strength now on earth. Owing to its outstanding properties of low density, floatable, super high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, cutting resistance, easy operation, anti-fatigue, UV resistance, chemical resistance, environment-friendliness, surface inertness against plankton growth, it shows broad market prospects in the deep-sea aquaculture, marine anti-shock network, safety net and other fields.

    With the improved living conditions in China, the demand for seafood products is also growing; while subject to the environmental pollution in China's offshore areas, deep-sea aquaculture will develop as the future trend. Under the present circumstances that the cost of UHMWPE fiber is decreasing year by year, and the political situations in South China Sea has gradually stabilized, deep-sea farming will become a new growth point for the application of UHMWPE fiber. At present, the company's products have accumulated rich practical application experience in deep-sea aquaculture in the Mediterranean, Japan, Norway and other countries. We warmly welcome domestic customers and partners work together with us to expand the applications of UHMWPE fibers in deep-sea aquaculture.

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