• Cool-Feeling Fabric

  • Product Description

    Knitted with TYZ high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fiber material, it has an obvious cold feeling, softness, breathability and comfort. It is also resistant to abrasion, tearing with a long service life, and meets GB18401 (Class B) safety standard. There are currently models such as COF1103 and COF1104.
  • Performance

    Cool-feeling: 0.229W/c㎡(CTTC.F029-2001)

    Thermal Conductivity: 60W/㎡·K(GB/T11048-2008A)

    Moisture permeability(before washing): 8250g/(㎡·24h)(GB/T 12704.1-2009)

    Areal density: 200~400g/㎡

    Fabric width: 1.1m/2.2m

  • Applications

    It can be used to make summer clothing, bedding and car seat cushions.
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