• Cut-Resistant Clothes

  • Product Description

    Knitted with?TYZ high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fiber material, it has the characteristics of anti-knife cutting, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. Compared with traditional protective fabric, it is soft, comfortable, light and breathable, and meets GB18401 (Class B) safety standard. There are currently models such as CRF1103 and CRF1105.
  • Performance

    Cut-resistant level: Level 3~5(EN388:2003)

    Areal density: 200~540g/㎡

    Fabric width: 1.1m/2.2m

  • Applications

    It can be used to make protective clothing for certain people, such as civilian police, medical personnel, and workers in the glass and automotive industries;
    It can also be used as cut-resistant or wear-resistant layer of a protective clothing and protective head cover in protective sports such as short track speed skating, racing, etc..

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